About Flexxbotics

Our mission at Flexxbotics is to Free Your Robot from the complexities surrounding a dynamic robotic work cell. At the core, we are a robotic process improvement company looking to break down the technical barrier needed to make your automation equipment as active as your operators.

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We believe in three maxims that drive and
influence every product we build:

Everyone Has The Privilege To Operate A Robot

Everyone should have the
privilege to operate a robot

Every Robot Should Always Be Active

Every robot should
always be active

Every Robot ROI Should Be Met

Every robot’s ROI should
always be met

Our Team

Tyler Bouchard

Tyler Bouchard

CEO & Cofounder  |  email tyler

Tyler has spent most of his career in senior commercial roles for factory automation and motion control organizations, where he learned to solve and sell complex automation and motion control solutions. He attends Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim where he is participating in their MBA program. He has a degree in Biomechanical Engineering, where he started his entrepreneurial journey developing a provisional patent for a novel prosthetic ankle. When Tyler is not working on Flexxbotics you can find him playing basketball, spending time with family/friends and traveling.

Tyer Modelski

Tyler Modelski

CTO & Cofounder  |  email tyler

Tyler has spent most of his career in manufacturing test automation and robotics product development roles. He has had the fortune to participate as both an end customer and supplier in various robotic and automation solutions. He has expertise in systems engineering, software development and product management. When Tyler is not pusing Flexxbotic’s product development, you can find him spending time with his fiance and their dog Lilly outside of Boston.


John Joseph

John Joseph

John, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Datanomix, brings to the team a strong manufacturing and commercial expertise. Before Datanomix, John was President and Co-Founder of DataGravity and VP of Product Marketing at Equalogic, which was acquired by Dell in 2007.

Scott Harris

Scott Harris

Scott, who was VP and Co-Founder of both SolidWorks and OnShape, has a deep understanding on how to build and scale a successful software business. When Scott isn’t mentoring at WPI and Olin college you can find him mountain biking in local New England trails.


Brian Mellea

Brian, who is the Managing Partner of the Actuate Group, as an extensive background in global product marketing strategies. With degrees from both HBS and MIT, Brian has worked in various leadership roles for Apple, ROLM, VMware and Palm. Most recently Brian has helped the successful exit of 4 companies in the last 5 years.

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