Adds Connectivity and Autonomous
Process to Mobility

Flexx Beacon enables…

bluetooth technology
to locate and connect the
robot to surroundings

positional awareness,
allowing efficient

intelligence layer
to load correct
part and program

redeployment with
opperator. Adding reliable
process to mobility

how does it work?

Pair It

Configure your Flexx Beacons relative to each Station/Program

Scan It

Bring your Flexx Scanner in proximity of your Flexx Beacon. The Flexx Scanner recognizes where it is and loads all the correct parameters.

Run It

Your operator now has everything they need to run the program. Press play and free your operator for other jobs.

Flexx Beacon Demo


Scanning Range

Up to 4ft


BLE 5.0

IP Rating



Battery (Lithium 3V)

Beacon Spacing


Lead Time

1 Week