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By: Flexxbotics January 2021

Mid Atlantic Machinery
and Flexxbotics Pair Up

Flexxbotics, a startup located in Boston MA, has paired up with Mid Atlantic Machinery (MAM) to deliver a mobile Universal Robot Press Brake Operator Package. Mid Atlantics Machinery is a leading machine tool and fabrication equipment distributor that helps fabricators compete in a global marketplace. MAM helps businesses of all sizes implement tools and technology that increase efficiency and lower costs.

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The MAM Universal Robot Press Brake integrates the industry-recognized UR collaborative robot into multiple Press Brake Manufacturers. The MAM Cobot Press Brake has the capability to move from one machine to another depending on the shifting demand on a metal fabricators floor. It combines the flexible and modular abilities of collaborative robotics to several fixed machine tools commonly found in fabrication shops worldwide. This novel approach separates them from the competition, who generally fix their cobots to one machine. Josh Mayse, Application Engineer at Mid Atlantic Machinery, designed the Cobot Press Brake solution after seeing a cobot idle and unable to be repurposed to another machine.

“(Flexxbotics) has created the Flexx Reference positioning technology that helps cobots to be placed in the exact spot they need to be to do a job accurately. This location tool, affixed to the cobot’s arm, acts as a sort of coordinate measuring device as it takes into account where it and the press brake tooling are.”
Mayse explains.

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Mayse described the setup procedure as a few easy steps. He moves the cobot to the press brake, places the arm with the location device so that it touches the press brake tooling, ensures that the tooling is clamped into the brake, and lets the positioning device do its work. Once the cobot has its new base position, all of the bending programs are automatically updated, and the cobot is ready to start bending workpieces.

“This is huge for the collaborative robot industry because it allows me to move this robot and spend a lot less time and money trying to fix the location,” Mayse said.

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