By Tyler Bouchard: 06/06/2024

Flexxbotics Solution Scales for Multi-Factory Deployments

We recently announced the latest release of our Flexxbotics solution for robot-driven manufacturing with autonomous process control. 

Included in the release are several new and expanded capabilities that the team has been working on to further enhance our solution such as multi-factory power, expanded in-line inspection functionality, more IT business system integration capabilities, analytics, and support for mobile tablets and smartphones. 

If you missed this announcement, you can take a look at what’s new here

One of the capabilities that I am most excited about is the multi-factory power. It provides a control room dashboard enabling command and control of robot-enabled workcells across your entire factory footprint. 

Our experience with leading manufacturers in medical, aerospace, automotive, defense, and electronics is that enterprise control across multiple sites is critical. Large companies need full visibility to robots+CNC machines operating simultaneously in “lights-outs” manufacturing. 

Our cockpit functionality enables fleets of production robots connected to a large variety of workcell machines with compatibility to thousands of makes & models of CNCs and inspection equipment, plus other factory machinery such as laser markers and additive manufacturing machines. 

This is made possible by our breakthrough FlexxCORE technology which is the unique software infrastructure inside the Flexxbotics solution that enables robot+machine interoperability.

FlexxCORE is a low-code environment for composing and running connectors that includes a highly secure, high-performance run-time framework for connectivity and communication between robots and all different types of factory assets.

With this new version of the Flexxbotics solution global companies can implement advanced robotic machine tending that enables autonomous process control at scale across multiple sites to increase capacity, production yields, and EBITDA profitability.

To learn more check out our Flexxbotics Latest Release video (1 min)


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Tyler Bouchard

Tyler Bouchard is CEO & Co-founder of Flexxbotics, a provider of robotic workcell digitalization solutions for robot-driven manufacturing. Prior to founding Flexxbotics in 2017, Tyler held senior commercial positions in the robotics/industrial automation industry working for Fortune 500 organizations including Cognex, Mitsubishi Electric and Novanta. Tyler holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from WPI and an MBA from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.