Multi-Factory Power

Control room dashboards for visibility and command of robot-enabled workcells across your factory footprint

Multi Factory Power
Inline Inspection

In-Line Inspection Performance

Inspection results driving real-time updates to machinery program off-sets for precision quality

Inline Inspection

Intelligent Recovery™

New optional capability for machine learning to autonomously recover collaborative robots from work-stop conditions

Intelligent Recovery Flexxbotics

Business System Integrations

Open connectivity with SAP, Oracle, Siemens and numerous other existing systems for comprehensive process integration

Expanded Analytics

Even more dashboards, KPIs, reports and analytic capabilities for ongoing analysis and factory workcell optimization

Expanded Analytics
Mobile Devices

Secure Mobile Tablet & Smartphone Access

See robotic production status, alerts and trends on your mobile devices to assure manufacturing output worldwide

Mobile Devices
Scalability was a key criteria in our selection process as we plan to roll-out the solution across our factories, which Flexxbotics makes possible.”
William Hoose

Plant Manager, Engineered & Industrial Solutions

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