By Tyler Bouchard: 04/11/2024

Industry 4.0: the interoperability issues impeding robotics use in smart factories

I recently got together with Kristian McCann at IoT Insider for a Q&A on the role of robotics in Industry 4.0/5.0, applications of robots in factories and some of the challenges during implementation. 

A major issue we discussed that is limiting the success of smart factory digitalization initiatives is the lack of interoperability between the robots and machines. When the robots are disconnected and unable to communicate with the machines in the factory due to interfacing complexity and incompatibilities efficiency gains are reduced and unplanned downtime issues occur. 

We believe that interoperability between robots and machines in the factory is critical to achieving ‘lights-out’ manufacturing. That’s why the Flexxbotics solution – with our breakthrough FlexxCORE™ technology – seamlessly connects and coordinates robots with existing machines, other factory machinery, inspection equipment, IT, and business systems. 

We’re already compatible with hundreds of makes and models of machines and systems, and we have the ability to add more quickly.

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