Flexxbotics Mass Robotics

By: Flexxbotics, August 2021

Flexxbotics New Resident at MassRobotics

Flexxbotics, an industrial automation startup located in Boston MA, whose mission is to Free Your Robot, has recently become a resident at MassRobotics. MassRobotics is an independent, non-profit organization serving as an innovation hub for robotics and connected devices. MassRobotics’ mission is to help create and scale the next generation of successful robotics and connected device companies by providing entrepreneurs and innovative robotics/automation startups with the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test, and commercialize their products and solutions.

Flexxbotics Joins Mass Robotics

“Through our programming and events, we help bring together innovative startups and existing technology organizations to nurture the next generation of talent, and promote economic growth and innovation. By working with diverse local talent, we are helping to bring about the next global evolution of robotics. Flexxbotics fits well into the ecosystem of MassRobotics with their focus on both robotics/connected devices and the stage they are at as a startup”
– Joyce Sidopoulos Vice President Programs & Community and Co-Founder

Flexxbotics MassRobotics
Flexxbotics MassRobotics

Flexxbotics is focusing on developing a robotic work cell platform to help improve robot utilization and efficiency. The platform will improve robot performance by providing intuitive digital workflows, robot productivity tools and holistic work cell data collection/analyzation. Flexxbotics plans to use the MassRobotics Robotic/CNC resources to develop their new platform and leverage the extensive network they have to offer.

Flexxbotics MassRobotics
Flexxbotics MassRobotics

“We are focusing on enabling these collaborative obots or cobots to be more efficient, dynamic and simpler to operate. The more we solve these issues the less cobots are idle, the better the cobot ROI becomes and the more manufacturers invest in automation. MassRobotics gives us access to robots, CNC machines and an amazing network of like minded individuals, investors and corporate partners to help us accelerate this mission. We are excited to be residents and look forward to fully utilizing everything they have to offer.”
– Tyler Bouchard CEO and Co-Founder

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