How to adopt flexible CNC automation

By Flexxbotics: 6/29/2023

How to adopt flexible

CNC automation

In this partner insights video, Mike DeGrace, UR+ Ecosystem Manager at Universal Robots covers adopting flexible CNC automation.

Founded in 2005 by three university students in Denmark, Universal Robots was the first company to deliver commercially viable collaborative robots – and transforming companies and entire industries.

The interview covers:

  1. Could you tell us about yourself and what you do at Universal Robots?
  2. What industries do you see the most for machine tending?
  3. What challenges are your customers looking to overcome?
  4. How does CNC automation help them overcome these challenges?
  5. What makes for a successful automation project?
  6. What are they key benefits customers see after they start automating their CNCs?
  7. How does Flexxbotics help CNC machine shops to achive their automation goals?

Universal Robots is a Flexxbotics Strategic Partner. Flexxbotics greatly values our partner relationships. We have an extensive partner network across North America and Europe. Reach out today if you’d like become a part of our fast growing community.

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