FlexxConnect™ UR Product Launch

By Flexxbotics: 11/3/2022

FlexxConnect™ UR Product Launch

Flexxbotics Launches Continuous Cobot Improvement Platform

Flexxbotics has today announced the launch of FlexxConnect™ UR, a continuous cobot improvement platform that empowers discrete manufacturers to easily manage their cobots and maximize cobot performance.

FlexxConnect™ UR provides instant access to contexualized data and intelligence enabling you to fully optimize and continuously improve cobot performance.

The platform also gives simple step-by-step instructions enabling a quick transfer of ownership of cobot work cells to operators, upskilling the existing workforce. 

FlexxConnect™ UR Product Launch Benefits

Take the first step to your digital transformation with a single cobot and quickly expand to multiple cobots. Don’t stop there with FlexxConnect™ having the ability to expand to any type of work cell with it’s industrial no code connectors and can be integrated into existing business systems such as ERP, MES and SCADA business systems.

Tyler Bouchard, Co-founder & CEO at Flexxbotics, said: “When manufacturers invest in a cobot, it’s important that it runs to the highest utilization possible. We are excited to expand the FlexxConnect™ platform with the UR specific module that ensures they can achieve this and empower their workforce to manage these work cells at the same time!”

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