Makes any UR Flexible
with a 6-Degree Lockout

Flexx Reference is a perfect fit if you…

deploy robot
on multiple jobs

touch off tool
for maintenance

evaluate prototype
robot apps

How Does
It Work?

1. Set Your Flexx Feature

To set your first Flexx Feature (reference point) simply Free-Drive the UR into the Flexx Lockout Assembly (6-degree mechanical mating system).

2. Capture the coordinates

While in the Flexx Lockout, capture the coordinates with the click of a button in the Flexx Reference URCap Plugin. The Flexx Feature is automatically populated in the Flexx Reference Node, which is inserted into your program.

3. Update program

Program the robot as normal then click update program and all of your waypoints and moves will be converted relative to the captured Flexx Feature. The Flexx Feature is forever remembered in space and in your program. 

4. Recapture the Flexx Feature

The user is now allowed the flexibility to move the r obot or work station without the need of reprogramming or docking stations, simply re-capture the Flexx Feature and start the program. 

Lock It

Save It

Run It

Flexx Reference Demo

High Accuracy Solution

3x the Features… 3x the Accuracy

Uses 3 Flexx Features to
create a Flexx Plane

Saved in the Flexx Reference URCap
and offset with increased accuracy



Standard: ±1mm / High Accuracy: ±0.1-0.5mm

Locking Time

1-2 Minutes



Robot Compatibility

UR E-Series Robots

Third Party End Effector Compatibility

All UR+ End Effectors and others

Lead Time

1 Week