FlexxCNC™ Interface:
Standardized middleware & URCap

The FlexxCNC™ Interface is designed to make a Universal Robot
easily communicate with multiple CNC machines.

Flexx CNC Tablet

To truly run a robot on a CNC machine lights out you need to create an interface between your robot and your CNC. An interface gives you the ability to automate all aspects of running a CNC including:


Cycle Start /
Stop Detection


Control Perpherals
(door, vise, chuck)

Flexx CNC Operator

Creating a robot to CNC Interface can
be complex, time consuming and costly especially if you need to interface to multiple CNC’s…

That’s why the FlexxCNC™ Interface will be the the last Universal Robot to CNC interface you’ll ever need. The FlexxCNC™ Interface eliminates the complex and timely integration effort needed for your Universal Robot to communicate with your CNC machines. The standardized middleware and software allows you to use a singular FlexxCNC™ with our library of supported CNC controllers.

FlexxCNC™ can help you…

Run Commands To Your Machine

Run Commands
To Your Machine

Redeploy Your Robot

Redeploy your robot
on multiple machines

Reduce Time

Reduce robot
integration time

Reduce Redeployment Complexity

Simplify your robot
to machine operation

FlexxCNC™ Interface Allows You To…

Flexx CNC Programming Templates


Flexx CNC Multi-Op Robot Operation

Multi-Op Robot

Flexx CNC Standardized Software


Flexx CNC Software Library

CNC Interface
Software Library

Compatible CNC Machines

For FlexxCNC™ and compatible company resources, visit here

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How It Works

Flexx CNC Upload Executable

Step 1

Prep The CNC

Upload the executable/configure server connection.

Flexx CNC Mount Middleware

Step 2

Mount The Middleware

Mount the Flexxbotics Middleware box onto your robot pedestal.

Flexx CNC Connect Relays

Step 3

Make All Necessary Connections

Use the provided cabling to connect the Middleware to your robot and your CNC. Connect any DIO relays to peripheral devices such as vises, start/stop button etc.

Flexx CNC Select Interface

Step 4

Choose Your Interface

We provide both an option to choose an Ethernet or DIO interface to your UR and CNC. Select which one you are using in the Flexxbotics provided URCap.

Flexx CNC Select Machine

Step 5

Select Your CNC

Choose which machine you are running on within the URCap.

Flexx CNC Build Program

Step 6

Build Your Program

Build your Universal Robot program using Flexx program nodes.

Run Your CNC Unattended!

You can now easily run your CNC machine unattended with a UR with all aspects being automated.


Overall Enclosure: 8″ x 8″ x 6″

IP Rating: IP67

Mounting: Din Rail

Power Supply: 24V

Supported Communication Protocols:
Digital I/O, TCP/IP, Serial, Ethernet/IP

Connector Communication: Ethernet, DIO

Connectors: 8 DIO, 2 Ethernet, 2 USB

Flexx CNC Specs

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