Free Your Robot.
Redeploy Your Universal
Robot in less than 15 mins

Maximize utilization and accelerate ROI of your cobot with the FlexxReference™ intuitive robotic software/hardware 6-degree offset tool.

FlexxReference™ ensures that your robot
is never idle by giving you the ability to:

Changing Demand Work Cell

Easily repurpose a cobot from one work cell to another when demand changes

Work Cell Running Downtime

Get your work cell up and running within minutes after planned or unplanned downtime

Manual To Automated
Rapidly switch your work cell from manual to automated operation
Reacting To Adjustments
Quickly respond to accidental or deliberate work cell adjustments

Case Studies & Testimonials

Port Erie Case Study

Read how the FlexxReference™ shaped how Port Erie Plastics
utilizes their automation.

Port Erie Case Study

AIM Processing Case Study

Learn how a custom plastic injection molding company used a single cobot to automate multiple machines with a few clicks of PolyScope.

What our customers are saying

Christopher Buse, Lead Manufacturing Engineer - PTI Engineered Plastics

FlexxReference has given us the ability to build a fleet of Universal Robots that can easily interchange between our injection molding machines within minutes.

Jon Gelston, AIM Processing

“In Our factory, simplifying redeployment is the key to maximizing our investment in automation. By using the FlexxReference, setting up a new run is simple, repeatable, and fast. In about a minute, anyone in our plant can start up out UR5e with the precision obtained in the initial programming.”

Joshua Mayse, Mid Atlantic Machinery

“The Universal Robots A/S paired with Mid Atlantic  Machinery, Inc.‘s machine tool interface and gripping system is a different approach to automation. Move the robot to many different operations quickly and easily. Realize a rapid return on investment by deploying across several operations. FlexxReference by Flexxbotics allows the robot to easily be referenced to a machine without the need for locating pins or point touch up.”

Mike Statkun, Port Erie Plastics

“FlexxReference gave me the peace of mind to tell the facility confidently that I could get the Universal Robot up and running in less than 30 minutes.”

Check out the different variations of the FlexxReference™!

High Accuracy

Use 3 Flexx Features to create a Flexx
Plane with 3x increased accuracy


Combine cobot redeployment benefits
with the arm tool innovation of Millibar

How It Works

FlexxReference How It Works

1. Set Your Flexx Feature

To set your first Flexx Feature (reference point) simply Free-Drive the UR into the Flexx Lockout Assembly (6-degree mechanical mating system).

FlexxReference How It Works

2. Capture Your Coordinates

While in the Flexx Lockout, capture the coordinates with the click of a button in the Flexx Reference URCap Plugin. The Flexx Feature is automatically populated in the Flexx Reference Node, which is inserted into your program.

FlexxReference How It Works

3. Update The Program

Program the robot as normal then click update program and all of your waypoints and moves will be converted relative to the captured Flexx Feature. The Flexx Feature is forever remembered in space and in your program.

FlexxReference How It Works

4. Recapture The Flexx Features

The user is now allowed the flexibility to move the robot or work station without the need of reprogramming or docking stations, simply re-capture the Flexx Feature and start the program.


Specifications & Resources

Standard Accuracy: ±1mm from the TCP

High Accuracy: ±0.1-0.5mm from the TCP

Locking Time: 1 -2 Minutes

Material:  Aluminum

Robot Compatibility: UR E-Series and CB-Series Robots

3rd Party End Effector Compatibility: All UR+ End Effectors and others

Lead Time: 1 Week

How It Works

Download UR Cap

User Manual

Pallet Routine

1-Page PDF

FlexxSwap 1-Page

High Accuracy 1-Page

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a robot reference frame?

Robot’s are generally programmed relative to their base. This means every waypoint and move is taught relative to the base. If you move the robot base your moves and waypoints will move proportional to the distance the base has moved. You can use alternate frames such as reference points. These reference points give what are called real world coordinates to a robot so they can have a better understadning of it’s location.


What is the accuracy of FlexxReference™?

FlexxReference™ has two accuracy versions. The standard FlexxReference™ has an accuracy spec of +/- 1mm from the TCP. The High Accuracy FlexxReference™ has an accuracy spec of +/-0.1- 0.5mm from the TCP. The High Accuracy spec is based off a normal distribution with the median being 0.3mm and a standard deviation of 0.1mm.

Do I need to put the robot in the same place when using the FlexxReference™?

The simple answer is no. FlexxReference™ uses hardware and software to offset your program without the need to dock your robot. We suggest you put some markers on the floor to place the wheels of your robot in a relatively similar spot for robot waypoint reach concerns. We also suggest using the align feature of FlexxReference™ which creates a waypoint for your robot to go to about 6 inches above your lockout point. This assist your operator with locating a relatively close location of where the robot needs to be positioned.




How many degrees of freedom does the FlexxReference™ offset?

FlexxReference™ offsets a programs moves and waypoints in 6 degrees of freedom or X,Y,Z, Rx (Roll), Ry (Pitch) and Rz (Yaw).


What is the functional difference between the standard and high accuracy FlexxReference™?

The standard FlexxReference™ uses one station interface piece to lockout to. The High Accuracy FlexxReference™ uses three (3) station interface pieces. You place one station interface as your origin and you place one station interface piece on the x-axis and one station interface piece on the y-axis. Start by locking out the origin station interface piece and then follow by locking out the x-axis and y-axis station interface pieces.


I don’t plan on redeploying my robot. Is FlexxReference™ still a good investment?

Yes! We have many customers that use FlexxReference™ for fixed robots that have dynamic fixtures or part trays coming in and out of the cell. We have customers that have machines/stations that run both automated and manual and the robot needs to be brought in and out of the work cell. Finally we have customers that use exclusively for maintenance of the robot or work cell. Larger programs can take a week to reset without FlexxReference™ and can be a significant cost if not considered when setting up the robot the first time around.


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