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Machine Tool Compatibility Assessment



This is a procedure for evaluating a Mazak CNC controller and assessing the compatibility for FlexxCNC™ with a Universal Robot integration. After this process, you will be able to identify the type of controller that is present, what features of FlexxCNC™ are available and what physical setup is needed.

STEP 1: Determine what CNC controller model you have

To determine, check the top left of the controller to see the model name. Mazak Model names are Matrix, Smooth Ez, Smooth X, ect.

STEP 2: Determine if you have MTConnect

To determine if you have MTConnect check the chart on Mazak’s website linked here. Download the file “MTConnect Adapters and CNC Software Requirements” to see which model you have. If your model is on that chart it has MTConnect. You can also contact your CNC distributor to get this information.

To activate MTConnect, if inactive, it is as simple as purchasing it, getting an activation code, and activating it on your machine. There is no hardware required.

Mazatrol SmoothX

Smooth Controllers (MT-Connect)

If you have a Smooth controller or any controller with MTConnect these are the features that are available:


  • Cycle End Detection
    Detect program cycle end via MTConnect
  • Peripheral Control
    Control Autochucks/vices, auto doors, ect.
  • Cycle Start
    Start the cycle


  • 1 Ethernet Wire from FlexxCNC™ to CNC
  • 1 M12 wire from FlexxCNC™ to Start/Stop Cycle
  • Any M12 cables for third-party peripherals

Mazak Automation Package

If you have a Mazak Automation package contact us at support@flexxbotics.com
for more information.

Non-Smooth Controllers and/or without MTConnect

Any machine tool may be integrated into the FlexxCNC™ using a digital I/O tie-in with a stack light, In-Cycle indicator LED, or an M Code actuated relay. Please note, that I/O tie-in typically takes longer to interface and is generally more complex than utilizing Smooth Controllers or Controller with MTConnect. Please speak to sales@flexxbotics.com about our onsite or remote support options if considering this option.


  • Cycle End Detection
    Detect program cycle end via M12 digital input
  • Peripheral Control
    Control Autochucks/vices, auto doors, ect.
  • Cycle Start
    Start the cycle

For detailed information about the benefits of Program Loading (G-Code Loading), Macro loading, and machine cycle end detection please check out this link here:


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