Flexx CNC Haas Compatibility

By: Flexxbotics April 2022

Flexx CNC Haas Compatibility

Flexxbotics expands Flexx CNC to include HAAS compatibility

We are excited to announce that the Flexx CNC kit library of supported CNC controllers has been expanded to include HAAS Next Generation Controllers, which includes models such as VF, EC, ST, VR and VMT series to name a few.

Flexx CNC is a standardized middleware and URCap designed to make a Universal Robot easily communicate with multiple CNC machines. Flexx CNC comes out of the box ready to interface with your CNC eliminating the complex and timely integration effort needed for creating a CNC interface. The standardized middleware and software allows you to use a singular Flexx CNC kit with our library of supported CNC controllers.

Tyler Bouchard, CEO at Flexxbotics, said: “We have seen huge demand for Flexx CNC since launch in February and we are already hearing positive feedback from customers on time and cost savings.” He continues, “We are pleased to expand our library of supported CNC machines which now includes Okuma, FANUC and HAAS. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!”

Flexx CNC Middleware
Flexx CNC

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