By: Flexxbotics May 2021

High Accuracy Product Release

3X the Features… 3X the Accuracy

Flexxbotics, a startup located in Boston MA, recently released a high accuracy version of their flagship product the Flexx Reference. Flexx Reference is a mechanical and software solution to program a Universal Robot relative to a reference point in a workstation. It increases the utilization of your cobot through reduced setup time when either repurposing your cobot or introducing new fixtures or tooling into your setup. The High Accuracy Flexx Reference Solution improves the accuracy of the tool by 3x! You can now achieve up to ±0.1mm of accuracy when offsetting your cobot. It accomplishes this by using three Flexx Features to create a Flexx Plane, which is saved in Polyscope. Now you can offset your high repeatability programs easily and effectively with a few clicks of Polyscope.

Used 3 Flexx Feautures to create a Flexx Plane

Saved in the Flexx Reference URCap and offset with increased accuracy

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