FlexxConnect Launch

By: Flexxbotics June 2022

Flexxbotics Launches FlexxConnect™

Manufacturing Work Cell Management Platform

BOSTON – June 2, 2022 – Flexxbotics has today announced the launch of FlexxConnect™, a manufacturing work cell management platform that reduces the time and complexity it takes to set up and execute manufacturing jobs.

FlexxConnect™ is a no-code platform that connects enterprise business systems to the manufacturing floor enabling process control, operations data acquisition and work cell setup automation.

Flexx Connect Platform

The FlexxConnect™ platform is made up of FlexxControl™, a cloud-based platform that connects to your enterprise business systems and work cells, and FlexxEdge™, an embedded system linking everything within your individual work cells.

Tyler Bouchard, Co-Founder and CEO at Flexxbotics, said: “We are incredibly excited to formally launch FlexxConnect™. We know from experience and customer feedback the arduous process of setting up manufacturing jobs and executing them so we are happy to be able to launch this solution that frees up manufacturing engineers and managers time to focus on more important tasks.”

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