By: Flexxbotics August 2021

Vention and Flexxbotics

Flexxbotics, a collaborative robot startup located in Boston, MA has officially joined the Vention Partner Network. Vention is a Montreal based industrial automation startup that looks to make industrial automation easier and more accessible for all manufacturers.

The Vention Partner Network empowers manufacturers of industrial components to seamlessly integrate their products on Vention’s Manufacturing Automation Platform. Users benefit from a curated and rapidly expanding library of components, all of which are plug & play with Vention’s parts ecosystem, and made available for 3D design, online purchase and shipped within days.

Together Vention and Flexxbotics offer an easy and efficient way for customers to redeploy their Universal Robots from one station to another. Vention MachineBuilder is the fastest and easiest way to design and order a mobile collaborative robot kit.  Customers can browse through the design library for examples of mobile robot bases or create new ones in minutes, from anywhere, on any web browser. Flexxbotics adds the Flexx Reference to the kit as an innovative process improvement tool to offset your robot.

The Flexx Reference relative programming solution allows you to quickly and easily redeploy your Vention mobile base for Universal Robots for multiple applications. Examples of typical applications include machine tending for CNC and injection molding, as well as pick & place assembly. Flexxbotics delivers precisely machined reference points to seamlessly deploy and redeploy a Vention mobile robot base.

“We were impressed by Flexxbotics early customer traction. We believe in their Go-To-Market strategy and we advise them to continue progressing customer acquisition so they can leverage for new product development”
Bob Lentz Executive Professor and Entrepreneur in Residence at Northeastern University.

“Flexxbotics mission is to improve collaborative robot utilization and efficiency so manufacturers can achieve the most aggressive robot ROI. Partnering with Vention to provide an all encompassing mobile redeployment solution. We love the way Vention is approaching the democratization of automation and we are excited to become apart of their partner network”
– Tyler Bouchard Co-Founder

Visit our partner profile at vention through the link here