Flexxbotics Partner Insights - Svenska Elektrod

By Flexxbotics: 1/27/2023

Challenges with setting up a

CNC machine tending workcell

In this partner insights video, Karl Ericsson, Managing Director at Svenska Elektrod AB, talks all things CNC machine tending. Founded in 1981 and based in Täby, Svenska Elektrod is a certified partner and system integrator with Universal Robots, supplying a wide range of collaborative robots, components and accessories.

The interview covers;

1.    Who is Svenska Elektrod AB?
2.    What is CNC machine tending?
3.    What industries do you see the most CNC machine tending in your region?
4.    What are the biggest challenges with setting up a machine tending application?
5.    How do you help manufacturers overcome these challenges?
6.    What is your prediction for CNC machine tending in 2023 and beyond?

Find out more about our partnership with Svenska Elektrod AB here.

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