Flexxbotics Expands Into Europe

By: Flexxbotics June 2021

Flexxbotics Expands Into Europe

Flexxbotics, a UR+ certified partner in North America, has officially launched into the EU with its redeployment platform Flexx Connect now available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.

Flexx Connect is a dynamic automation platform that can dramatically reduce robot setup time, repurpose your personnel on other automation projects and time splice your robot between competing stations through its intuitive localization and connectivity tools. All of these benefits can help reduce your robot’s payback period by 40%-60%.

Susanne Nordinger, the Universal Robot EMEA Ecosystem manager, approved the launch on May 17th and had to this to say about Flexxbotics:

“We are excited to introduce Flexxbotics to the UR+ European community. Flexx Connect allows our customers to redeploy their Universal Robots easily and efficiently.”

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Flexxbotics Expands Into Europe

Flexxbotics has seen exciting growth this past year, with the release of new products including Flexx Beacon and the High Accuracy Flexx Reference. “We have been able to surpass all our revenue from 2020 within the first 5 months of this year which is exciting for the team. Seeing how much we have grown in North America, it made sense to start our expansion in the EU. We have already started working with partners in the region and we are eager to collaborate with new partners” Tyler Bouchard, Commercial Lead, explains.

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