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By: Flexxbotics December 2021

Flexx Swap Product Announcement

Cobot Redeployment Made Simple

The adoption of cobots has created the possibility of flexible robots that can be deployed and redeployed from one work cell to another. Lightweight and cost effective, collaborative robots offer manufacturers a path to automate high mix low volume type applications with lower capital equipment investment.

Redeploying a cobot generally requires multiple tools to execute multiple operations. Millibar has tackled this challenge of redeployment with the Millibar Manual Tool Changer. Without any additional tools, a robot operator can effortlessly switch tooling by simply releasing the locking lever and sliding a new tool into place.

The other crucial aspect of cobot redeployment is providing an efficient way to update moves and waypoints when the robot moves from one location to another. At Flexxbotics we provide the Flexx Reference which is a hardware/software solution that provides a relative offset for a Universal Robot. Without the Flexx Reference, the process requires an engineer and can take anywhere from 4 hours to a couple days, depending on the size and complexity of the program.

Flexx Reference

Flexx Reference

Why Redeploy a Cobot For Machine Tending

Naturally it made sense for us to partner up with Millibar. We collaborated closely together and co-developed Flexx Swap, a cobot offset and tool changer in one.The Flexx Swap interfaces with the Flexx Reference to help customers with shifting between various tools and locking out the Flexx Reference.

The Flexx Swap helps make the use and integration of Flexx Reference more efficient by:

– Avoiding touch ups to existing programs that require TCP changes
– Easily integrating with vision systems
– Eliminating any interference with custom EOAT’s with the Flexx Reference tool flang

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TCP Setup

Flexx Swap Product Announcement 2

Vision Systems

These innovations open new possibilities for robot applications, and make cobots more valuable to the end user. To learn more about the Flexx Reference or Flexx Swap, click the product icons below.

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Flexx Reference

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Flexx Swap

To request a quote for the Flexx Swap email info@flexxbotics.com.
To learn more about the Flexx Reference click here