Flexxbotics NVIDIA Program

By: Flexxbotics March 2022

NVIDIA Inception Announcement

Flexxbotics joins the NVIDIA Inception Start-up Program

We are pleased to announce that Flexxbotics has been accepted into the exclusive NVIDIA Inception Program.

NVIDIA Inception is a program designed to help start-ups evolve faster through access to cutting-edge technology and industry experts, connections with venture capitalists, and co-marketing support to heighten a company’s visibility.

Unlike traditional accelerators, NVIDIA Inception supports all stages of a start-up’s life cycle, working closely with members to provide the best technical tools and latest resources.

We are confident that being involved in this program will help to accelerate the adoption of our technologies including Flexx Reference, a robotic software/hardware 6-degree offset tool, and Flexx CNC, a standardized middleware and software plugin designed to make a Universal Robot collaborative robot easily communicate with multiple CNC machines.

Flexx Reference
Flexx CNC Middleware
Flexx CNC

To learn more about NVIDIA’s Inception program visit here.