REMCO & Flexxbotics Announcement

By: Flexxbotics March 2022

REMCO & Flexxbotics
Partner Announcement

Flexxbotics and Robert E. Morris Company team up to provide
automation solutions for CNC Machine Tending Applications

We are excited to announce at Flexxbotics, we have entered a new partnership with Robert E Morris Company (REMCO). REMCO, based in Windsor CT and Dover NH, is a provider of CNC machine tools, automation equipment and related engineering/support services to manufacturers of precision machined parts in the New England states. REMCO recently became a certified partner with Universal Robots (UR) back in 2021 helping manufacturers utilize collaborative robots to automate their CNC machine tools.

REMCO and Flexxbotics will work together to provide CNC automation solutions like Flexx Reference and Flexx CNC to manufacturers across New England. Flexxbotics most recent product release Flexx CNC, is a standardized middleware and software plugin designed to make a Universal Robot easily communicate with multiple CNC machines. To truly run a collaborative robot (cobot) on a CNC machine lights out you need to create an interface between your cobot and your CNC. The Flexx Reference, a robotic software/hardware 6-degree offset tool, pairs nicely with the Flexx CNC allowing manufacturers an easy way to move their UR’s from one CNC machine to another

Flexx Reference
Flexx CNC Middleware
Flexx CNC

REMCO assisted Flexxbotics in their development of the Flexx CNC by providing both access to their CNC Machines at their Dover, NH facility and sharing know-how on the specifics of the Okuma controllers. Mike Locke who personally helped with development had this to say about the release of the Flexx CNC “The Flexx CNC is a great addition to our suite of CNC automation products. We now have the ability to get a machinist setup with a new Universal Robot fully interfaced to their Okuma machine in under an hour.”

To learn more about the Flexx CNC reach out to the Flexxbotics team or visit the product page here.
To learn more about REMCO’s offerings visit their site here.