Flexxbotics Expands To Meet Growing Demand

By: Flexxbotics, August 2, 2022

Flexxbotics Announces Expansion
to Meet Growing Demand

Flexxbotics is pleased to announce that we have expanded our commercial team to meet record demand and support our growing partner network with the appointment of Joseph Teblum as Director of Product Marketing.

Flexxbotics has achieved accelerated growth over the last 12 months, with sales on track to grow at more than 300% in 2022. We are experiencing strong demand for our cobot productivity solutions, FlexxReference™ and FlexxCNC™, and our manufacturing work cell management platform, FlexxConnect™, with significant customer projects moving into production all the time!




Joseph’s strong experience in manufacturing, factory automation, and machine vision brings a wealth of industry expertise to the team. Joseph has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida and has worked across various aspects of product management, sales, manufacturing, and product development.

Key elements of Joseph’s role will include leading our voice of customer activities, enabling our strong partner network and influencing our product experience.

Tyler Bouchard, Co-Founder and CEO at Flexxbotics said:

“I am excited to welcome Joseph to the team at this important time for Flexxbotics. I look forward to introducing Joseph to our customers and partner network, and his contribution to accelerating the commercialization of FlexxConnect™.”

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