Port Erie Case Study

Read how the Flexx Reference shaped how Port Erie Plastics utilizes their automation

WPI Investment

WPI Commercialization Fund invests in local Boston startup Flexxbotics

Flexxbotics Expands to Europe

Flexx Connect becomes UR+ certified in four EU countries

High Accuracy Product Release

Check out the latest product release from Flexxbotics

Bluetooth & Manufacturing

How and why Bluetooth will inevitably be incorporated on the manufacturing floor

MAM and Flexxbotics Pair Up

Can a cobot offer the flexibility of a human on the shop floor?

navigating robot downtime

Learn how to defend yourself against cobot downtime.

Mobile robot redeployment

The financial and operational benefits of cobot mobile redeployment. 

Vention Redeployment:
How to Guide with the Flexx Reference 

Reduce programming time and find new ways to repurpose your robot.

Bluetooth Reliability

How Bluetooth® technology makes wireless communication reliable.